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Did your employer pay you overtime for working more than 8 hours per day or more than 40 hours per week?

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San Francisco Employment Attorneys- When Experience Counts

Bringing over 30 years of legal experience to the legal arena, the San Francisco employment attorneys at United Employees Law Group have extensive experience in the enforcement of California overtime laws on behalf of California employees.   We are presently engaged in litigation against some of the nation's most prominent companies who have denied their employees the overtime wages they are entitled to according to California overtime law.  

Results Speak for Themselves- Here are Some of Ours

Class Action Settlements

$14,000,000     Voight v. Cisco Systems, Inc.
$11,000,000     Gruender v. First American Title Company
$9,900,000       Salsgiver v. Yahoo!, Inc.
$5,800,000       Connell v. Sun Microsystems, Inc.
$5,625,000       Fuzell v. Hallmark Marketing Corporation
$5,400,000       Louis v. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
$5,300,000       Beauchamp v. Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
$4,875,000       Port v. Southern California Permanente Medical Group
$3,300,000       Hazel v. Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
$3,000,000       Raza v. Broadcom Corporation

Non-Class Action Settlements

$550,000 Client   v.  Large Construction Corp.
$200,000 Client   v.  Beauty Product Company
$182,000 Client   v.  Advertising Company
$145,000 Client   v.  Software Company
$130,000 Client   v.  Global IT Services
$115,000 Client   v.  Large Winery
$110,000 Client   v.  Brokerage Firm
$105,000 Client   v.  Marketing Company

San Francisco Employment Lawyers-Representing Employees Only

Because our San Francisco employment lawyers work on a contingency basis, if we accept your case, you pay nothing unless we prevail and recover financial damages on your behalf. You risk nothing by taking a moment to fill out our brief form for a private case evaluation with our California labor law attorneys. We will promptly contact you to arrange a thorough review of your possible overtime claim or any other potential violation of California labor law.  Our San Francisco employment lawyers strive to give each client’s case the attention it deserves with the aim of yielding the best results in the shortest amount of time.

San Francisco Labor Attorneys Seeking Justice for Workplace Violations

The difference between winning and losing your case can be whether or not you choose the right California labor law attorney. California labor law attorneys often focus on a variety of labor law issues such as harassment or discrimination, while our California labor law attorneys' focus is primarily on California overtime pay claims. It can be critical, when selecting a California labor law attorney, to examine not only their credentials, but the number of actual trials they have litigated as well as the outcomes of those trials.

San Francisco labor attorneys who concentrate their practice in a few areas of the law tend to gain more insight and experience in that area. We believe our San Francisco labor attorneys, by taking this approach have maximized the results on the cases they have handled because of it. Our San Francisco labor lawyers have stayed keenly abreast of the ever changing laws and governing court cases that affect our clients.

If you have been unlawfully denied overtime wages, you may be entitled to collect up to 4 years of overtime pay, even if you are salaried or have been informed that you are exempt from California overtime wages. California labor laws have been enacted to protect you from abuse by your employer, so it is in your best interest to allow our San Francisco employment attorneys to evaluate your overtime pay issues and ascertain whether or not California overtime laws entitle you to recover financial damages.



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